Shenzhen Sheng Cheng hui Circuit Science Technologies Group Co., Ltd .was founded in 1998 ,and is located in Yan chuan north industry park ,song gang , Bao an District, Shenzhen. There are more than 200 employees now .high-educated people accounted for 20% of the total number of workers in which senior engineers, senior technologists and other types of management personnel accounted for more than 40 people .

Our factory is mainly the production of high-precision single-sided、double-side、 multi-layer rigid and flexible circuit boards. With Modern factory and advanced production equipment, We can produce 1-24 layer circuit board,and meet fastest 24-hours of delivery for double-sided PCB, 48-hour for 4 to 8 layers and 120-hour for 10 or more high-layer PCBs at the soonest. Annual PCB and FPC reach 20 thousand square meters.

SMD Assembly Factory, SMD PCB, PCB Assembly, Printed Circuit Board
CSTPCB SMD Assembly Factory

In recent years, The company has introduced the world advanced level of modern production 、 testing equipment and software, which can produce high-frequency、 high TG、 high CTI、 impedance control、buried and blind board 、 rigid-flexible combination 、aluminum base、 HDI boards, and halogen-free  etc .In order to meet market demand, to provide customers with faster and more comprehensive support services .In 2006, we opened our self  SMT factory in Bu Ji  dan zhu tou ,

undertake a variety of sophisticated electronic products processing services, as procurement different kinds of materials 、SMT、 plug 、 soldering、assembly、 testing、 inspection、packing to finished one-stop EMS service.

AOI test, PCB testing one by one, Assembly Quality Control, CSTPCB Quality Control
CSTPCB Quality Control

​We not only own Panasonic and JUKI famous brand machine , but also introduce the latest series of foreign high-terminal and multi-function YAMAHA automatic SMT machine. There are three lines which paste 0201、 0402 package material and ultra-0.3mm pitch accuracy in QFP、BGA and other chips. Our equipment and instrument configuration is very high and more flexible like all hot air reflow oven、 dual spray-clean wave soldering DIP plug、 assembly lines、 packaging lines、 intelligent anti-static iron、 ultrasonic cleaner、 BGA rework stations、high-precision IC laser marking  and SMT leaking soldering、 joint soldering、false soldering ’s i

nspection AOI equipment. Advanced equipment and testing of each process can strictly control the outflow of defective products. In order to meet different customer needs, we are specially for customers to make the related membrane switch、membrane panel、touch screen and silicone rubber .

PCB Design
-Industrial, commercial, military, medical, analogue, digital, RF, power, firmware, software, CE marking, approvals
PCB manufacture
-Manufacture of PCBs, single sided, double sided, PTH, multi-layer, aluminium clad, FR4, high Tg, polyimide, PTFE, blind and buried vias
FPC manufacture
-Manufacture of single, double sided and multilayer, flexi-rigid and rigidflex circuits
SMT Assembly
-SMD and through hole assembly, automatic pick & place and hand assembly, reflow and wave soldering, AOI inspection, flying probe test, rework,
Components procurement
-Follow customer BOM ,and procure all kinds of electronic materials
Membrance panel
-Following coredraw ,CAD,PDF with size and color manufacture
Membrance Switch
-coredraw ,CAD software manufacture or sample .
Silicone Rubber(Keypads)
-manufacture different color and different button for mobile phone or other electronic products


Since we built the factory in 1998 ,we have accumulated a complete set of quality assurance system ranging incoming material inspection、 flow control、 finished product inspection and after-sale service、 which guarantees adequately the internal quality and reliability of products, At the same time, we standardize the management of enterprises ,meet customer requirements which have accumulated extensive experience, and ensure that your products have a more favorable market reputation and market competitiveness.

​Up to now ,we have obtained the certification of international quality system as ISO9001:2000 quality management system 、IS014001.:2004 environmental management system 、 UL certified ,and all of our products follow the IPC and ROHS standards .


ISO9001:2008 Certification

ISO 14001:2004 Certification

UL Standard Certification

PCB capabilities, 40 Layers PCB, Aluminium PCB, Rogers PCB, LED PCB, FPC, PCB Silkscreen, Power PCB, High Frequency PCB, High Voltage PCB, PCB Design, Shenzhen China,

PCB Capabilities






Technical Parameters



1-40 Layer


Board Material

FR4 standard Tg 140C, High Tg 170 or 180, Aluminum Base, High Frequency(PTFE,Rogers, Arlon, Nelco,TEFLON,F4B),FPC(electrolytic coppe&rolled copper),Thick Copper, Paper Base, BT Base, PI Base,

Product type

Back board, HDI, Blind/Burried holes,multilayer, Capacitor Embedded board, Power supply, Thick gold, Thick copper board, Impedance Control pcb ,halogen-free PCB,etc


Min Trace/Space


Finished copper weight 0.5 OZ

Copper thickness

1/2OZ ~8OZ(18um~280um)for finished copper thickness and 0.5oz-2oz(18um-70um)for inner layer


Min. Annular Ring Width

Vias: 3mils


Component Holes: 5mils

Min. Hole Size

NC drill


Finished boards

Laser drill


Aspect Ratio



Max. Board thickness

Single and Double Side




Min. Board Thickness

Single and Double Side



4Layer: 0.40mm     6Layer: 0.60mm

8Layer: 1.00mm     10layer: 1.20mm

Max. Board size

Single and Double Side

600 *700mm; 1000*15mm or 1200*15mm for LED strips and Aluminum base pcb


610 * 810mm

Distance Between Trace and Board edge

Outline: 0.20mm

V-CUT:0.33mm(Board Thickness<1.2mm)

Solder mask

Mask Window(mil)


Mask Bridge(mil)


Between IC pins


 LPI, different colors(Green, Green matt, Glossy Green,Black, Black Matt, White, Red, Yellow, Blue,purple)




White, Black, Green;purple

Surface Finish

Gold Finger,Rosin;peelable solder mask;Carbon .

Accept Standard

 IPC Class III, IPC Class II;ISO14001;ISO9001;UL



PCB Assembly, SMT Assembly, SMD Assembly, Surface Mount PCBA, Printed Circuit Borad, China PCB Assembly, Shenzhen PCB, Arduino PCB Assembly, Blutooth PCB Assembly, Mobile Phone PCB , DIP Assembly,

Assembly Capabilities


1~3days for prototype ;7~10days for mass production


No MOQ ;
Prototype quantity 5/10/15/20/25/30/50/100 pcs ;
Small to medium quantity: 1-10000 pcs or more

Assembly type

Surface mount

Through hole Plug in assembly

SMT&TH mixed

IC bonding

Finish product assembly

Service options

Lead-free: RoHS compliant

IPC Class III inspection

BGA X-ray inspected

AOI test

double sided surface mount

PCB specification

PCB size smaller than 15 mm must be panelized.

Max: 1200 mm*15mm

Material: Fr4 ,high frequency material ,aluminum base ;Flextrible material

Surface finish: lead / lead-free HASL, ENIG, silver, OSP,Rosin,Carbon

components procurement

Components sourcing

Full procurement

Partial procurement

Component types

SMD 0201 or larger 0402,0603 ,0805,1206

BGA 0.35 mm pitch

0.35 pitch QFP,QFN,and Tssop Chips footprint

sot23-5 or sot-23 ,or other footprint

TH part

SMT parts presentation


Cut tape

Partial reel




Solder types

lead soldering ;
Lead-free: RoHS compliant;


Laser-Electrolytic polishing cut stainless steel;
polishing-cut stainless steel


IC programming,finished pcba functional testing


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