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CSTPCB Services

PCB Design

Products is for Industrial, commercial, military, medical, analogue, digital, RF, power, firmware, software, CE marking approvals.

PCB manufacture

Manufacture of PCBs, single sided, double sided, PTH, multi-layer, aluminium clad, FR4, high Tg, polyimide, PTFE, blind and buried vias

FPC manufacture

Manufacture of single, double sided and multilayer, flexi-rigid and rigidflex circuits

SMT Assembly

SMD and through hole assembly, automatic pick & place and hand assembly, reflow and wave soldering, AOI inspection, flying probe test, rework, Components procurement

Components procurement

Follow customer BOM ,and procure all kinds of electronic components; In order to get original components , we have cooperated with more agents.

Membrane Switch & Membrane panel

Following core draw and CAD software or PDF marked size and color manufacture Follow sample also fabrication

Silicone Rubber(Keypads)

manufacture different color and different button for mobile phone or other electronic products