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Since 1998 - Over 200 Employees

we have the fastest delivery!
double-sided : 24-hours
4 to 8 layers : 48-hours
10 layers : 120-hour

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As fast as 24 hours


All PCB Solutions in One Place


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Shenzhen Sheng Cheng hui Circuit Science Technologies Group Co., Ltd .was founded in 1998 ,and is located in Jianshi Park, Pushang Village, Longxi Town, Boluo County, Huizhou City,Guangdong Province. There are more than 200 employees now .high-educated people accounted for 20% of the total number of workers in which senior engineers, senior technologists and other types of management personnel accounted for more than 40 people .

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Some of CSTPCB Products

Switching Power Supply AC input 110/220V +/-15%

Categories :

SMT paste stencil PCB Assembly pcb stencil

Categories :

Maxim brand ICs

Categories :

Act for ATMEL Brand ICs

Categories :

Code machine main board

FPC assembly

TV PCBA board/SMT Pcba

BGA PCBA and PCB assembly for each differents electronic products

PCBA Assembly, Suitable for Electronic Products PCB assembly.PCBA ,Circuit assembly

Categories :

Capacitive and Resistive TFT touch screen customization

Categories :

Switching Power Supply AC input 110/220V +/-15%

Categories :

Silicone rubber keypad for Remote Control

Categories :



25+ Years of Expertise

We have garnered insights on the entire PCB value-chain for over two decades and are here to help you get precisely what you seek with our experience and expertise


ALL Comprehensive PCB Solutions in One Place

PCB Layout, PCB Manufacturing, Component Sourcing, PCB Stencil and PCB Assembly on one platform.


Quality You Seek, Without Quantity Restrictions

You can be a company, R&D team, student or hobbyist – you will get the institutional quality even for the smallest units you order.


Expert DFM Feedback

Every client we got receives expert design for manufacturability feedback including instant, automated warnings, and compare demands/specifications against capabilities to ensure.


24 hours Customer Service

Our support department will follow your orders from the time you submit your Gerber file to the minute you receive your PCB and assembled PCBs in a satisfactory mood.


Fast Delivery

We can produce 1-24 layer circuit board,and meet fastest 24-hours of delivery for double-sided PCB, 48-hour for 4 to 8 layers and 120-hour for 10 or more high-layer PCBs at the soonest.