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single layer aluminium led board with black oil

Number of Layers: single sided ;Base Material: Aluminum Alloy ; Copper Thickness: 1oz
Board Thickness: 1.5mm Min. Hole Size: 1.0mm Min. Line Width: 0.1mm
Min. Line Spacing: 0.1mm Surface Finishing: lead-free Layer: single sided
Molding: die cast Color of Solder mask: black Solder resist oil:
black Photo-imagable Resist oil

Thickness (mm): 1.5mm Diameter (mm)/size:: 35mm Delivery time: 3~5 workdays after confirmation
MOQ: 1000pcs Certificate: UL&ROHS Packaging detail: vacuum packing for individual

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: Vacuum packing for individual
Delivery Detail: 3-5days


led pcb
1.with good thermal conductivity led pcb
2.aluminum base PCB
4.diameter: 40mm, thickness 1.5m



Layer:Single sided

Surface Finishing


Molding:Die cast

color of Solder mask:Black

solder resist oil

Black Photo-imagable Resist oil

Diameter (mm)/size:35mm

Thickness (mm) 1.5mm

single layer aluminium led board with black oil Gallery

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