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Nokia,Samsung mobile phone board with BGA

Base Material: FR-4 matirial ; Copper Thickness: 0.5 OZ–3.0 OZ ; Board Thickness: 0.2mm-3.8mm(8 mil-150 mil)
Min. Hole Size: 0.15mm(6 mil) Layer: 1-20 ; Board Thickness Tolerance: ¡À10%
Impedance Control: YES ; Hole tolerance: PTH:¡À0.075mm NPTH:¡À0.05mm ; Min Laser hole size: 0.1mm(4 mil)
Min Space Width: 0.075mm(3 mil) Min Trace Width: 0.075mm(3 mil) BGA Pitch: 0.2mm(8 mil)
Solder mask Color:
Green, Red, Blue, Black, White

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: Standard package
Delivery Detail: 24hours/48hours/4 days/2 weeks speed pcb

1.Mobile phone pcb with immersion gold
2.Good Quality: UL,SGS Test,RoHS Certification
3.1-20 layer: FR-4 matirial

— Good Quality: UL, SGS Test, RoHS Certification
— 1-20 layer: FR-4 matirial;KB,ITEQ;Hight TG material
— Lead time: 1-12 days
— competitive Price

HDI PCB/PWB, ISO/UL/RoHS Complaint, excellent quality. fast leading time and competitive prices.

PCB Manufacturing Service
High quality PCB manufacturing
Military, space and commercial applications
Wide array of substrates
Small prototype runs
Large scale production runs
ENIG, Immersion Silver, Lead Free HASL
Edge plating, plated slots
Blind / Buried vias
Fast turn times
reasonable prices!

Nokia,Samsung mobile phone board with BGA Gallery

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