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TV membrance switch keypads

1.Humidity:40C,90% -95%,240 hours
2.Contact bounce:5ms more than 500 million times

Specifications/Special Features:

Material: matte PC (smooth), gloss PC + matte oil, gloss PC, PET, and PVC

Thickness: 0.05—1.0mm

LED windows: transparent,translucent,matte

Embossed keys: no embossed keys and domes, domes without embossed keys, embossed keys without domes, embossed keys and domes

Adhesive: 3M9448,3M9080,3M467,3M468, 3M300LSE, 3M9671 etc.

Tail: tail with clear mask or green mask

Specialize in manufactuing membrane switch:
Overlay+circuit+LED+metal dome or poly dome array+connector+double side tape
EL backlight+Rubber keys
Aluminum plate+Rubber keys
Metal domes
Flat without Tactile Effect
Embossing with Tactile Effect
Embossing with Metal Dome
Membrane Switch with FPC

Performance indicators:
1. Electronic characteristics
Circuit rating: 35V (DC), 100mA, 1W
Contact resistance: 10¦¸–500¦¸ (According the trace length and materials to comfirm)
Insulation resistance:> 100M¦¸ 250V DC
Contact bounce: ¡Ü 5ms Dielectric withstand:250VRms (50-60Hz 1min)
Life expectancy: flat type ¡Ý 5 million times, tactile type: ¡Ý 1 million times
2. Mechanical Properties Actuation force:flat type 57-284g (2-10 Oz), tactile type 170-397g (6-14 Oz) Switch stroke: flat type 0.1-0.5mm, tactile type 0.6-1.5mm
3. Environmental parameters
Operating Temperature: -40 C- +80 C, Storage temperature: -40 C – +85 C
Humidity: 40C , 90% -95%, 240 hours
We provide membrane switch with high quality and low price, we are a professional membrane switch manufacturer.

Membrane switches are widely used on industrial and home electronic equipments.

TV membrance switch keypads Gallery

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TV membrance switch keypads

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