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Customized Five buttons membrance switch keypad

1.RoHS compliance
Certifications of ISO9001,ISO14001,UL;
2.Various designs and specs
3. 16 years experience
high quality membrane keypad
Membrane switches is a type of keypad, which can be touched lightly. It integrates switch key, membrane panel, marker, symbol, display functions and plate,
as a new type electronic components and parts began early 1998.
1)Items¡ª¡ªmembrane switch, keypad, membrane keypad, keyboard switch, switch panel, membrane panel, membrane overlay, membrane faceplate for variety electronic industries.
2) Material¡ª¡ªavailable in Polyester (PET) or Polycarbonate (PC).In experience we are suggest that PET is the best choice.
3) Surface¡ª¡ªgloss & smooth ,velvet,matte & coarse finish, semi-gloss with semi-laminate.
4) Embossing¡ª¡ªDome above the circuit layer, it can be metal(stainless steel) dome
5)Circuit layer¡ª¡ªAvailable with LEDs in a variety of colors and standard male/female connectors
6)Adhesive¡ª¡ªmany brand for your choice: 3M, SONY, COCKTAILS, FOURPILLARS and so on
8)Feature & performance:
a) Maximum circuit rating¡ª¡ª35V DC, 100mA, 1W
b) Contact resistance¡ª¡ª10 – 500¦¸
c) Insulation resistance¡ª¡ª100m¦¸ at 100V DC
d) Dielectric withstand¡ª¡ª250V Rms (50 – 60Hz 1min)
e) Contact bounce¡ª¡ª5ms or less
f) Actuation force
f-1) Flat type 60 – 300g (2 – 10oz)
f-2) Tactile type¡ª¡ª150 – 400g (6 – 14oz.)
g) Switch stroke
g-1) Flat type 0.1 – 0.5mm
g-2) Tactile type¡ª¡ª 0.6 – 1.5mm
h) Life expectancy
h-1) Flat type¡ª¡ª5,000,000 closures or more
h-2) Tactile type¡ª¡ª1,000,000 closures or more
j) Surface hardness¡ª¡ª3H or more
k) Operating temperature¡ª¡ª -40¡ãC ~ +80¡ãC
l) Storage temperature¡ª¡ª -40¡ãC ~ +85¡ãC
m) Humidity¡ª¡ª90% – 95% (40¡ãC) for 240hrs
9)Thickness¡ª¡ªbetween 0.9mm-2mm
10)Package¡ª¡ªsheet in foam bag and in carton box;
11)Lead time¡ª¡ª10 days at least after payment;
12)Delivery¡ª¡ªby UPS or DHL with excellent service; If the total weight of goods beyond 40kg, we suggest ship the goods by sea;
13)For quick and reasonable quotation, artwork or real sample will be appreciated.
As a manufacturer, we can ensure the material quality, deliery time, and stable prices for the products.

Customized Five buttons membrance switch keypad Gallery

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