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Waterproof,vandalproof metal numeric keypad with 12 buttons

1,Numeric keypad with 12 short travel keys
2,Made of metal
3,Key travel:0.45mm
4,Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation

Key Features:

– 12 flush keys,crispy tactile feedback,all the keys are in the same size

– Keys are in 3X4 matrix

– Panel mount from the rear side

– Exposed parts made of hard metal-stainless steel,high resistance against destruction,rust etc

– Silicone membrane extends beneath the front panel way to the edge of the back panel, so the membrane also functions as a sealing gasket,no additional gasket will be needed when installed,therefore this design can better prevent water from seeping into the PCB than other conventional design (where the rubber is the same size as the front panel),this enhancement makes it an ideal choice for outdoor application.
– Layout customizable according to customer¡¯s request

– Application: commonly used as numeric keypad on ATM, ADM, CDM, unattended payment terminals, vending machines, ticketing machines, gaming machines,kiosks,workstation,outdoor weight station etc.


Life cycle: >5 million operations

Key travel: 0.45mm

Actuation force: 150¡À15g

Interface: USB or PS2

Working temperature: -20¡ãC~60¡ãC

Storage temperature: -40¡ãC~80¡ãC

Relative humility: 20~95%

Atmospheric pressure: 50-110 K Pa

Dimension: 92.00 x 76.50 mm (W x D) (front panel)

Waterproof,vandalproof metal numeric keypad with 12 buttons Gallery

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Waterproof,vandalproof metal numeric keypad with 12 buttons

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