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19″ Touch screen

Size:1.9¡¯¡¯ to 22¡¯¡¯
Constrcution : Glass, uniform resistive coating, polyester coversheet, transparent insulating dots, conductive coating
Operating Force :10g~100g
Chattering ¡Ü12ms
Surface Hardness :Moths 3
Life Time :More than 1 million touches in one location without failure
Transparency ¡Ý80%
Working Voltage:5.0V
Circuit grade:DC5V 1mA
Insulation impedance: ¡Ý20M¦¸(25V DC)
Linearity ¡Ü1.5%
Operating Temperature :-30¡ãC to 80¡ãC
Storage Temperature : -40¡ãC to 90¡ãC
Operating Humidity :20%RH ~ 90%RH
Storage Humidity : 10%RH ~ 90%RH
Warranty : 1years

Common Applications

POS terminals
Financial – ATM & Bill Pay Kiosks
Factory Automation
Industrial Control
Medical Equipment
Retail Kiosks
Mobile & Pad
Auto Industry

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19″ Touch screen

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