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eight layer mobine phone board

Number of Layers: 8-Layer Base Material: FR4 Copper Thickness: inner layer copper 1oz;outer layer copper 1oz.
Board Thickness: 2MM or 1.6mm Min. Hole Size: 0.2MM Min. Line Width: 0.15MM
Min. Line Spacing: 0.15MM Surface Finishing: IMMERSION GOLD Hole Plating Tolerance PTH Thickness: <0.025mm
MAX.Board Size: 800*550mm PTH wall thickness: 20-25um Max.finish copper thickness: 8oz
Outline Tolerance: ¡À0.1mm Min.S/M Pitch: 0.08mm Warp and Twist: ¡Ü0.7%
Electric Strength: >1.3KV/mm Peel Strength: ¡Ý1.4N/mm Flammability: 94V0

Packaging & Delivery

Delivery Detail: 12 days


UL,RoHS, ISO9001,ISO14001
High layers PCB manufacturing, up to 32 layers
High Quality and best servise

?Low costs, Minimum cost for 3 prototype boards is only $67!!!
?Fast service, Minimum lead time for bare PCB is only 2 days
?Promptly reply, quotation will be provided in 8 working hours!

We can provide 1-24 layer PCB printed circuit boards. In addition, we can provide PCB assembly. Please kindly give us your

files for quotes. We can deal with CAM350, PROTEL, Power PCB and PADS.

eight layer mobine phone board Gallery

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