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Purple gold finger board

Four layers PCB with printed circuit board

Base Material: FR4 Copper Thickness: 1OZ Board Thickness: 1.6mm
Min. Hole Size: 0.25mm Min. Line Width: 0.075mm(3 mil) Min. Line Spacing: 0.075mm(3 mil)
Surface Finishing: HASL leadfree Max Panel size:: 800*508mm Board finished thickness:: 0.2-4.0mm
Tolerance of finished panel thickness:: ¡À10% Surface Treating Process of Inner layer::
Brown Oxide
Layer Count:: 1-22
Impedance control and tolerance:: 50¦¸¡À10% Peel strength of line:: ¡Ý107g/mm Wrap and twist:: ¡Ü0.5%
Standard:: IPC-A-610D Service type:: One-stop turnkey service

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: Inner packing:plastic bags, vacuum packing; Outer packing:High standard quality carton
Delivery Detail: pcb:5-7 days pcba:12~15days


1.FR4-Laminate,green soldermask&white legend,1oz,1.6mm,HASL
2.Thermal consideration&B/B design
3.PCB with Flying Probe Test

– Contract Manufacturing

– Engineering Services

– PCB Design & Assembly

– Product Design

– Prototyping

– Cable and Wire Assemblies

– Plastics and Molds for finished electronic products

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