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Flexible LED Strip, High-density with 24V DC/5A Output

Flexible LED Strip, High-density with 24V DC/5A Output, CE/RoHS Mark, Available in Red Color

Set light bar power supply, controller, remote control for one
Easy to install and use, energy-saving, eco-friendly
Color: red
SMD LED, colorful liquidity effect
Top 5060 SMD
LED quantity: 270 pieces/5m
Viewing angle: 120¡ã
Nine LEDs (3 x 3) per cut
Current: 4.5A
PCB dimensions: 5,000 x 15 x 0.2mm, available in brown
Input: 100 to 240V AC, 50 to 60Hz
Output: 24V DC/5A
With IP20, CE and RoHS marks
Forward current: 60mA (the up limit current)
Tolerance of the luminous flux: ¡À15%
Above data is the testing result of 5m
On/off/reset key: turn on/off the LED controller, reset the control mode to the first red
Color modes:
Seven single colors: green, blue, red, blue-green, white, purple and yellow
Mode: seven color strobe, seven-mixed color chasing, 8.3 single color chasing and 9.7 single color chasing
Mode: to increase/decrease the brightness of the LED, fast/lower changing speed (in changing mode)
Left/right: control the strip left/right running (in changing mode)
Building edges, corridors, doors/windows
Passage lighting, signs, backlight, staircase, logos lighting and home lighting
Hotels, KTV, showcases, counters and exhibition decoration

Flexible LED Strip, High-density with 24V DC/5A Output Gallery

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