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We use electrolytic and rolled copper material make FPC.In order to enlarge strong ,we can use sticker as FR4 or PI,which paste on IC , gold finger ,and connector area.
We also can make 1~8 layer rigid-flex board.
Our products are widely used in computers, industrial control, digital consumer electronics, medical devices, IT communication, aerospace ,led industry and other fields.
We provide one-stop services include FPC layout, fabrication, components sourcing, FPC assembly and finished product assembly.
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Products :

Six-layer rigid-flex pcbs

Flexible PCB, FPC, flex PCB

5MM width led strips

FPC Cable

two layer rigid and flexible FPC ,0.8mm thickness

Cable Flextrible board

LED strips with ICs

Fr4 LED strips

LED strip for RGB5050 LEDs

two layer FPC for mobile phone with immersion gold surface finish

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Flexible LED Strip, High-density with 24V DC/5A Output

50*5mm Led strip