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FPC Cable

Base Material: PI adhesive 1mil Copper Thickness: 1OZ; Board Thickness: 0.2mm
Min. Hole Size: 0.3mm Min. Line Width: 0.06mm Min. Line Spacing: 0.06mm
Surface Finishing: Immersion gold; gold thickness: 0.03-0.08um

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: Inner packing: 100pcs/plastic bag Outer packing: normal carton packing. less than 10kg per packing
Delivery Detail: 5-8dsy for sample. 8-10day for mass production


camera flex pcb
1)1 to 8 layer FPC inlude rigid-flex board
2)Immersion Gold, osp. HASL lead free
3)ISO 14001/9001,Rohs ,SGS

Camera flex fpc

2)Conductor:Hoz copper 0.005″thick solder flash

3) base layer:0.001 thickness polymide+adhesive

4)Cover layer:0.001 thickk polyimide

5)0.002 thick polyimide stiffener

6) PANEL : Accept 10% xout boards

7) 5-8days sample delivery. 8-10 mass production for mutilayer board

8) qty: 10.000pcs per month and export to USA


We can provide all type of FPC production inlcude 8 layer rigid-flex board. HDI ( blind and bury board)

We are dedicated to providing the best FPC products to our customers with our advanced equipment, meticulous techniques, stringent quality control, scientific operational management, reasonable pricing, and trust-worthy business practice.

NNumber of Layer

1~8(Rigid-Flex & Multilayers FPC)

Min. Track


Single Sided

0.030 mm / 0.040 mm

Double Sided

0.030 mm / 0.050 mm

Min. Hole


Drilling P.T.H.

0.2 mm


1.0 mm



Conductor Width (W)

0.020 mm


Hole Diameter (H)

0.05 mm (withP.T.H.0.1mm)


Accumulated Pitch (P)

0.015 mm


Outline Dimension (L)

0.05 mm

L50 mm

Conductors and Outline (C)

0.15 mm (Special 0.07mm)

C5.0 mm

Conductors and Coverlay

0.3~0.5 mm

Surface Treatment on

Terminals and land Areas

Soft or Hard Ni/Au Sn/Pb (2~60¦Ìm) Primary FluxCarbon Printed (4~10¦Ìm Silver Gel printed

Insulation Resistance



at Ambient

FPC Cable Gallery

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